Who K7?

We are a company with great experience in INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION. We have successfully molded the careers of thousands of students in Gujarat and, by extension, all over the world.

Why K7?

FAMILY NOT FRANCHISEE. This will always be our motto. We are a small, local family business that is striving to help the people of our region for the past 25 years. START LOCAL TO GO GLOBAL

What K7?

We are doing almost everything that is related to International Education and Immigration. And that is ALL WE DO. It helps us be focused and keep growing in our field.

Our deepest sense of appreciation and gratitude goes to all our friends and well-wishers who have supported and enabled us to grow continuously.

Meet Our Experts

The Directors
  • Ajesh Kamania
  • Barsha Kamania
  • Dipesh Kamania
The counselors
  • Dhaval Goriya
  • Jyoti Vala
  • Margesh Pandya
The consultants
  • Aarti Agravat
  • Ekta Shah
  • Hemanshi Jilka

  • Hetali Makhecha
  • Jaydeep Dayani
The faculties
  • David Bamnolkar
  • Kalpesh Barchha
  • Lisa Jani

  • Lovely Thomas
  • Suraj Makwana
The admin
  • Nanji Muchhadiya
  • Shilpa Gadhvi
  • Vijay Jesadiya