Robotics as a Career stirred the human imagination especially after the successful Star Wars movie series . The cute and lovable R2D2 and C3PO were the droid robots who with their antics made life better for the Robotic world. And this gave many people a huge change in mind shifts about what Robots could do in the future.

Indian Engineering colleges have many Robotics competes for their Tech fests and that is far as these engineers may go. But many of them get serious and start looking around. In the USA many Universities offer concentration in the field of Robotics. Most of them are aligned with the Mechanical engineering depts. of the university.

A career in Robotics will take a student far as these careers are linked with the future growth in the engineering profession. Robotics is an amalgam of Mechanical and Electronics and needs a person to understand human movements also. Humanoids, Droids, bots and many other Robotic types have come into being already.

Robotics will evolve as one of the new powerful careers in the future as it is now being widely applied in automobiles, aerospace, nuclear science and also in the homes. I see a future where Robots will be an equal component of man and for this I can remember Will Smith in the 2004 movie i, ROBOT. and this gave the first three rules for ROBOTS.

First Law

“A robot must never harm a human being or, through inaction, allow any human to come to harm.”

Second Law

“A robot must obey the orders given to them by human beings, except where such orders violate the First Law.”

Third Law

“ A robot must protect its own existence unless this violates the First or Second Laws.”

One of the best Schools in the USA for this profession is at the Virginia Tech University. Here a special Robotic Lab known as RoMELA is doing yeoman research and new breakthroughs in the field. Most of this is being carried out under the the aegis of Dr Dennis Hong.- A TED speaker, and a great young professor at the Virginia Tech.University.

So guys who are looking to go deeper into this field of Robotics do come over for a discussion on my post.Ajesh Kamania – Career guidance counsellor